How you could make your journey experience better for Study Abroad

Just Getting an Admission doesn’t cut in for students. And 8/10 students have agreed that they have faced issues with traditional counsellors about Post Admission Journey & Planning.

Many lands up at the Foreign Land with little or no planning about their essential needs.

What happens next?

Unnecessary Hassle.
Unnecessary Waste of Money.
Time Wasted & Frustration on top of it.

Often this affects the folks who are limited on their bank balance.
And these small to big things of post admissions creates unwanted stress on international students.

PS: Even I wasted 1-2 months in house hunting and hundreds of dollars in figuring about settling near to my university.

The resources are there in plenty.

Finding & Curating the right resource for me was a Pain.

I believe the same had been faced by people who are going or had gone abroad.

Thus, let us put an end to all these hassles!

At Careerprogression education, we started a FREE Service for Students.

Connect to your Buddy..

You get Complete Guidance & Information for your Post Admission Needs –
LOANS – Understanding types and Right Fit Loans to Getting the lowest interest rates loan with No Hassles Involved.

FOREX – Saving Forex Fees during Fee Payment (Tuition fees to Test fees).

BANK ACCOUNT – Getting a Bank Account in the USA from sitting in India.

ACCOMMODATION – Getting safer & suitable budget-friendly Accommodation Choices.

INSURANCE – Getting to choose a Right Fit Insurance for you (Travel & Health)

FLIGHTS/TRAVEL – Getting to understand how your travel plans can be made smoother.

Finally, understanding what and how you could make your Journey experience better for Study Abroad.

And many more.

For Admissions related support – Meet/Contact Careerprogression education team.

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