What is – “Best University for studying X course in Y country?”

This is a very prominent Question, at Careerprogression education Consultant or in the community we face by students, who are ignorant of process.

I understand their part too, as many are not very strong with googling.

Most may not have any understanding of how to go about the course & country selection.

Often thus, most go for a set of popular countries or courses with NO Understanding of it & just due to peer or trends influence.

Factors for Choosing A Course-

– Plan for Target Job Roles & Target Industry/Domain where you wish to work.
– Make a list of top 5-10 companies offering that role in that industry/domain & read their JD.
– See what skills, knowledge, experience or expertise had been asked for.
– Make a list of top 5-10 skills, knowledge points from them.
– Explore courses where these skills/Knowledge points are taught.
– Find Top 10-50 Universities in these courses & see their locations.
– Cross Map that with target companies offices/HQ or Factories too.
– The colleges having target course & in a country where your target companies are will be suitable for your goals – Easier Jobs.

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